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High PR Directory Submission Service Packages

High PR (i.e. PR 2- 8) directory dubmission is an excellent way of getting high quality traffic to your website or producing new business. By submitting your links to online High PR business directories or High PR website directories you get extra and valuable PageRank being passed down to you along with the additional exposure.

Starter Package


  • 100 High PR Directory Submission

  • 25 PR 4 & Above
  • Manually Posted
  • Guaranteed Result


Standard Package


  • 300 High PR Directory Submission

  • 30 PR 4 & Above
  • Manually Posted
  • Guaranteed Result


Premium Package


  • 500 High PR Directory Submission

  • 50 plus PR 4 & Above
  • Manually Posted
  • Guaranteed Result


Directory Submission is a quick way to send traffic to your website or produce new business. By submitting your links to online business directories or common directories you get supplementary PageRank being passed down to you along with the additional exposure.

If you have picked up a telephone directory, the theory behind its listings should be pretty straightforward. The directory reports on whatever subjects are inside the index. The phone book is a directory associated with numbers, a website directory is a listing of websites. Generally listing entries tend to be submitted to directories as well as verified through the directory owners for validity, precision and high quality.

A website owner has the choice to publish the website with regard to adding to the directory. Some listing inclusions are free while others must be taken care of in order to be included in the listing. Neither option ensures the caliber of the listing or the listings within it. That has as much to do with the person running the directory as anything else. Better sites may provide higher quality links than lesser sites, which may or may not be viewed in the same way.

Listing distribution traffic really is determined by this listing for you have your website detailed. To return to the phone guide analogy, the better the listings within the phonebook and the more and more people using it the more likely you are to be seen and used by visitors. Directories for example DMOZ, which is the largest web site listing on the Internet, receive a lot of targeted traffic through site visitors looking for new website entries. The downside of sites such as this is it really could take many months to actually get listed in this way. If however you could possibly get your site listed immediately, that would be far better. With most directories you'll will need time or money to get listed,.

The experts adhere to predefined procedure to make certain that client distribution facts are prepared to get the maximum price. Distribution is set up to target groups based on thorough evaluation to attract the web site editors’ attention.

Along with each and every purchase you're going to get a report that contains a summary of all of the directories to which your details were posted, the time and date it had been submitted and also the class it had been posted to. A new email address is opened for you for this specific purpose..

All Directories in our lists are carefully selected and we update our list regularly.

The Google Pageranks are between 1 and 9.

All Directories are 100% free with no requirement of reciprocal links required.

We will create a custom email address for you that we use for your Directory accounts and the instant activation by clicking validation link.

About 30% of the Web directories in our list allow deeplinks or submission of inner page URLs, so you can submit multiple URLs within the same domain.

You will get a complete Excel Project Report.

Drip feed and slow submission facility is available. Just tell us!

Experienced Directory Submission experts will handle all the work.

We carefully select the main category, sub-category and country where needed.


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They are fast, accurate, and priced right. I have moved much of the work that I used to do over to them so that I can focus on my clients while knowing that I am in good hands. I have tried a couple of their services and they are top notch. Thanks guys, I appreciate the quick turnaround and customer support. Will recommend this to my friends and colleagues..
David R
I purchased one of the packages offered by and my traffic increased significantly. The website was an extremely fast and very affordable service. Thanks you have created another satisfied customer.
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