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SEO Consultant The Team has been an emergent SEO, media Marketing, Social Marketing and Custom techniques for backlink solutions company for many years and for some very prominent customers including; Walmart, Wordpress Org, Doblay Gardens and many others.

Case Study; from SEO Consultant.


Dr. Schott’s was starting a new insole and wanted to reach out to new customers using a redeemable coupon customers would take into the store to purchase their product. After starting a Twitter marketing campaign using keywords like “feet hurt,” these people started to notice a dramatic rise in coupon-redeemed product sales. In just 4 several weeks they had over 45,000 customers redeem their coupons for the new insoles. This was a lower cost solution that not only helped them increase product sales but had an excellent impact about the quantity of user generated feedback as well as mix referrals received.


UKP Case Study


Four years ago, Football Fanatics was a little franchise store in a mall in Jacksonville, FLwith 6 million dollars annually in sales. They'd everything they needed for a productive online business except a website along with a company who could help them grow. We took them upon like a client, built their website using our UKP Software and built their business from 6 million dollars annually in a mall to 128 million a year online in just two many years. These people are right now ranked upon over 54k+ Keywords as well as bring in over 4 million Organic Visitors a month. In addition to bringing them online, we also combined these people with and built their business even further, exposing them to even more keen customers.


In the light of case study


A couple of years ago we were approached by Tyre Kingdom who had an advertising budget of 400 million annually. These people allocated a budget of 3 million to be utilized upon Online marketing as well as employing these strategies we made these people back 3 million in the first a couple of weeks as well as over 58 million over the very first year. By controlling their advertising budget effectively along with proven strategies we were able to show them the power of internet marketing plus they are now dedicating a much larger percentage of the budget to online marketing.


SEO Consultant's Clients


SEO Consultant's Team continues to be fortunate to utilize some great clients including; Yahoo Sports, AOL Video, Soccer Fanatics, Florida Gators, Jacksonville Jaguars, Atlanta Falcons, Georgia Bull Dogs, Pet Nutritionals,, Audio Intent, Buyers Tap, Gutter Helmet, Tire Kingdom, Interline Brands, Vodo Security, WTA, Doctor Scholl’s, Dine Branson, Branson Ratings, Fletcher Medical, SEO Consultant's Team, as well as a number of other great companies. In addition to our work with existing companies, we also create turnkey business systems for those seeking to break into an Online business.



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